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Transform Your Well-Being

              with Spiritual Healing Techniques

SeaMasque Icelandic Spa Treatment

SeaMasque is completely unique, totally natural skin care treatment that visibly heals and youthens the texture of your complexion. Its revolutionary formula tightens and moisturizes the skin. Results are immediate and cumulative, becoming more dramatic with each use. It is a formula that encourages regeneration and helps the complexion to become more translucent and resilient. The ingredients are pure, natural and active. Virtually every skin type benefits dramatically from this deep cleansing and nourishing treatment. Icelandic kelp is organic and geothermally dries, preserving nutrients that are food for your skin – the body’s’ largest organ.

Refined granular properties act as gently but highly effective exfoliants which polish the skin, turning back the clock to baby soft luminescence, regardless of the skins’ condition before treatment. The more damaged the skin, whether it is from stress, age or genetics, the more dramatic the results.

Purely Poreless® Tightening Masque “Facelift without Scalpel”

Purely Poreless is a completely natural, very powerful complexion tightened and refiner. The natural “skin food” formula includes mineral rich Icelandic sea kelp, honey and a vitamin enriched albumen protein. This powerful treatment makes pores and wrinkles less visible and clarifies and firms the complexion. Purely Poreless Tightening Masques is incredibly effective when used alone. Used in conjunction with SeaMasque and Elixir of Minerals the complexion is even more responsive, resilient and glowing. Pores seem to disappear. Skin that lacks resiliency looks and feels firmer without the usual tightness and dry feeling following other types of masques, whether chemical or clay. Purely Poreless Tightening Masque leaves skin moist and immaculate.

Elixir of Minerals® Pure Humectant “Dry Skin Eradicated Forever”

Elixir of Minerals is a highly concentrated, completely unique Humectant. It will keep skin moist, satiny and supple for many hours, even in the driest climates. Several drops of this highly active, moisturizing mineral treatment nourish the entire face, neck and eye area. Elixir of Minerals is not a traditional moisturizer or sticky serum. It combines two healing minerals, a pore tightener, and antiseptic and two humectants in a formula that is completely natural. Elixir of Minerals is highly concentrated and spreads quickly and easily. Applies as eye cream, the Elixir of Minerals reduces the appearance of “crepeyness” all day without oiliness Elixir of Minerals applies at night leave skin radiant and moisture filled in the morning.

Icelandic Mineral Mist® Luminizing Toner

Icelandic Mineral Mist tones your skin to youthful luminescence as it infuses it with minerals. Mineral Mist nurtures the complexion with silica, boron citrate and natural humectants. Skin becomes dewy and glowing, retaining precious moisture in perfect balance day and night. All skin types benefit from the nourishing, mineral rich, Luminizing formula.

Icelandic Mineral Wash® Daily Cleanser

Feed your skin essential nutrients while deeply cleansing your complexion. This light, creamy formula includes mineral rich Icelandic kelp and soothing honey. Icelandic Mineral Wash deeply cleanses all skin types and leaves the skin clean, soft, smooth and glowing.

Icelandic SeaScrub® Mineral Body Polish

Icelandic SeaScrub is a completely natural, skin smoothing treatment for the body. Icelandic kelp nourishes with essential minerals and keeps skin supple. This powerful combination feeds the skin rich, food-grade minerals while helping it to shed pollutants and stress. Skin appears fresh, clean and polished while body and spirit are revitalized.

Icelandic SeaSoak® Mineral Bath

Icelandic SeaSoak creates an exceptionally soothing, detoxifying environment for your bath. Icelandic kelp nourishes the body with essential minerals and keeps skin supple. Boron and citric acid improves the appearance of the skin while a special grade of silica eases aches and pains. Essential trace elements de-stress and detoxify the body. Hair treated with Icelandic SeaSoak appears stronger and fuller. This comforting bath nourishes and softens the skin while rejuvenating body and spirit.

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