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Certified In Primordial Sound Therapy

Meditation can be one of the most important tools for re-discovering the body’s own inner strength and intelligence. There is a reason that is has been practiced by many cultures for thousands of years. There are a lot of misconceptions about what meditation is about. For one, it isn’t about forcing the mind to be quiet; it’s about finding the silence that’s already there and making it a part of your life. This inner silence is where we get our inspiration, our most intuitive thoughts, and our deepest sense of connection to the universe around us. Our instructor is certified in the practice of Primordial Sound Therapy. This meditation technique comes from the Vedic tradition of India and is a very powerful form of the tradition. To learn more about this technique and what it involves, read this article in The Chopra Center’s website. Here at we offer you two ways to enjoy the power of meditation. You can either take a Spirits Essence one-on-one class or participate in group classes.


In a one-on-one meditation class, you will get personal guidance from your instructor. This is a great way to get you started with regular meditation practice. You will be guided in using simple, impactful techniques that will help you reach the silence within. You will learn to find the quietness with affirmations, breathing, visualizations and energy work.

Group Classes

If a one-on-one doesn’t seem appealing to you, we also offer group classes. Here you will be in a class full of people with the same goal: to find their inner silence. An instructor will guide the group in meditation exercises using techniques that have been proven to work for thousands of years. Group meditation is a great way to connect with similar minds as well as the universe around you.

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