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Mind, Body and Soul

Your Mind, Body and Soul Connection

The time is now

Enhance your health and wellness with our foot detox and skin care products at Spirits Essence in San Clemente, California. At our healing center, we do not only heal the body; we renew your spiritual connection to heal your spirit. If your spirit’s energy is not healed, no amount of medical treatment can save you.

Foot Detox $50

Take care of your spirit by taking the toxins out of you through the pores on your feet with our 30-minute relaxation foot detox. Our foot detox treatments can help us determine where the toxins are coming from and why you have them. We recommend 14 treatments of 2 within a 14-day period (special pricing package). After that, foot detox once a month is fine, depending on your body and how much you have detoxified.

Taking Care of Your Skin

Put minerals back into your skin with Elexor, our all-natural skin wash. Our wash contains no harmful ingredients that might damage your health or wellness. The facial wash also comes with:
• Toner
• Facial Scrub
• Body Scrub
• Tub-Soak Body Soap
• Pore Cleaner Face Mask

True Health and Wellness

Our goal is to help the average person learn how life should be. Life is not about money; it is about bringing people together to celebrate life and each other without any conditions, ego, or money. That’s what health and wellness is all about and why we keep our services affordable.

Non-Invasive Facials

Bring collagen levels up to the surface to firm and tighten your skin with the oxydermal wand. You can use this amazing skin care device yourself in the comfort of your home. It helps improve the health and wellness of your whole skin surface. Contact us today to learn more about our spiritual healing techniques.

Call Us Today to start your spiritual healing!

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